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Seasonal Shifts = Allergy Woes

Ditch the Kleenex and clear your sinuses with ALL the holistic tips from Dr. A!


H-town’s “Fall” weather is not only confusing for our wardrobes, but also for our allergies! If you are like me and most of the surrounding population, you are constantly waging war against unwelcomed congestion, inflammation, and overall irritation. Tis’ the season for gratitude – and we are GRATEFUL for Acushen Clinic! Dr. Sarah Anzola is here to provide all the info we need to stay healthy so we can slay those upcoming holiday gatherings.

It feels like only yesterday when we dusted off our sweaters and booties for the chilly cold front. Oh wait…it WAS yesterday. Today brings us back into summertime vibes, and who knows what tomorrow will bring? With more moody weather trends in the forecast, we can expect to feel like we are on a rollercoaster of allergic symptoms. This is due to the change in atmospheric pressure, increase OR decrease in dry air, wind, rain, influx of mold, pollen, and other pesky irritants, and the list goes on…We know the weather shifts might be here to stay, at least until the colder weather finally sticks - so here are some tips to help you survive and hopefully even thrive!


Acupuncture may not be your instinctual first line of defense, and yet, Dr. A tells us that this is an extremely effective method to treat seasonal allergies.

“Often times, my favorite allergy points to use on my patients are on the face. These points help to decrease local inflammation, move fluid faster through the sinuses to promote draining, improve local and systemic blood circulation, as well as work to stimulate the local immune system.”

Anzola recommends a combination of acupuncture with herbal medicine for optimal results. This will also boost your immune system to help fight off any incoming symptoms.

“Common formulas for allergies are Yu Ping Feng San (Jade Windscreen Formula) and Bi Yan Pian. These treat sinusitis, rhinitis, and nasal allergies. My patients generally report feeling better and experiencing relief after the first visit, but weekly acupuncture sessions are recommended for seasonal allergies until the season is over,” advised Anzola.


We LOVE to show you the science by providing examples which speak to the success of holistic approaches. Check out the below research:

“A 2015 review of 13 randomized-control studies with more than 2,000 participants found those who received acupuncture had a significant reduction in nasal symptoms, the need to take medication, and serum immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies that can be overproduced in response to allergens, than did people who did not receive any acupuncture. Treated individuals also had higher quality-of-life scores.”

Dr. A recommends weekly acupuncture, or bi-weekly sessions for SEVERE symptoms. In addition, she says that maintaining a healthy diet is necessary when fighting off symptoms.

“I recommend avoiding any foods that may cause an immune response. Focusing on a low-histamine diet during the season will greatly reduce symptoms. Other natural methods may include using peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil, getting massage therapy, drinking hot ginger tea, and eating warm temperature foods, while avoiding cold drinks, smoothies, and an excess of raw foods.”



This month’s Acu-point: Stomach 36 (ST 36) Zusanli (English translation: Leg Three Miles)

Location: Anterior aspect of the lower leg (one fingerbreadth from the anterior crest of the tibia)

This point benefits the stomach and spleen. Treatment will energize you and boost your immune system, while also helping with any digestive disorders. Plus, it has a cool story behind it:

Chinese warriors once wore leather sashes adorned with stones hanging from their waists. During long treks across the countryside, they would kneel to take rest breaks. The stones from their sashes would naturally land at this Acu-point, placing gentle pressure and re-energizing the weary soldiers. When they began their journeys once again, they were suddenly able to walk another “three more miles” hence the name!

Maybe this will inspire us to channel our own inner warriors and take that three mile jog (once the allergies clear...duh!)

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