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Spring is HERE and Acushen DE-LIVERS

Dr. Sarah Anzola helps you SPRING into the season with some of her favorite ways to detox the liver and gall bladder!


If you read our latest blog (Click here for a refresher) you understand the importance of the spring season as it relates to ridding the body of toxins. The liver and the gall bladder are the primary organs responsible for this internal spring cleaning! But just how does this happen? And how can WE help aid in the process?

Detoxification of the Liver The liver acts as your primary filtration system, breaking down toxins so that your body can digest and eliminate them. This organ converts fat into energy that your body uses! This is one reason why it is so essential to maintain a healthy diet. While a lot of the detoxing happens naturally, Acushen Clinic has some helpful tips to help you keep your digestive organs in tip-top functioning shape.

Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder

Dr. Anzola recommends taking care of the eyes as the liver meridian is connected to them. “The eyes can reflect the function of the liver,” explains Anzola. What does this mean for you? Cut the Netflix binge in half and limit your screen time to avoid overstimulating the eyes. Many of us work behind computers during the day. Dr. Anzola recommends resting the eyes when you can by taking frequent breaks to look away from your screen. This goes for cell phone use as well! Detox by unplugging on weekends or late at night to rest your eyes and your spirit.

Evoking Emotions

Emotions can impact our bodies in shocking ways. The emotion associated with the liver is anger.

"By remaining proactive in our daily lives, we can maintain balance within the liver and avoid many mental health issues such as resentment, depression, anger, irritability, moodiness, PMS, and even painful menstrual cycles," explains Anzola.

Dr. A – you had me at less PMS and cranky cramps! There is beauty in finding the space where your physical nature coincides with your own emotions. Through acupuncture, yoga, Tai Chi meditation, as well as the use of herbal medicine – we can help maintain the equilibrium within the liver. Anzola adds, “When the liver is in harmony - this leads to motivation, planning, achieving goals, and moving forward with direction.” So you can carpe diem the day like none other!

Above Images: the March full moon class enjoys some flow and acupuncture in the Acushen garden! Acushen Clinic offers three yoga classes a month along with other movement modalities.

Sign up for your class HERE:

External Vibes

Dr. Anzola says that receiving acupuncture routinely is an effective and important therapy to detox the liver and gall bladder. Acupuncture works to decrease inflammation in the body and improve blood circulation, thus detoxing the blood through the liver more frequently.

During your next session, consider adding on cupping therapy, one of Anzola’s favorite external therapies.

“Cupping therapy leaves you feeling revitalized, and you instantly notice a release of stored tension within the body!” *It is important to note that the wind is the external negative associated with springtime. Many of the meridian points that can be easily affected by wind are on the upper back, neck, and head. Wearing a scarf or hoodie, particularly when it is windy, can help prevent the spread of disease.



This month’s Acu-point: Duh… 'Tis the season of the liver = LV 3

LV 3 AKA the “happy calm or great rushing” and the heavenly star point, is the source and earth point of the liver channel. This point is located on the top of your foot, in the hollow distal to the junction of the first and second metatarsal bones (between the big toe and the second toe). You can stimulate this point by gently massaging it directly for 30 seconds or until you are inspired to take a deep breath.

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