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The Eye-Opening Truth About Your E-Y-E-S

Beauty In the Eye of The Beholder – In More Ways Than One!


September is Healthy Aging Month and we are here to zero in on one of the most important organs - they are the WINDOWS to your SOUL, your EYES! Acushen Clinic is here with some crucial tips on how to keep you seeing clearly as you age!

Fun Facts: The eyes are the second most complex organ in your body, following right after your brain – which makes sense as the brain works hard to process the bombardment of images our eyes take in (which is A LOT as your eyes focus on 50 different objects every second and can distinguish approximately 10 million different colors).

Not So Fun Fact: Cataracts are the leading cause of preventable blindness, and over half of all Americans will develop cataracts by the age of 70. Another reason to READ ON!

Luck of the Eye-ris?

While some of our eye health is in part due to genetics, and maybe some luck involved…most of our eye health requires effort to maintain healthy eyes. Acushen Founder, Dr. Sarah Anzola says lifestyle factors can directly impact your vision. “It is important to practice preventative measures,” stresses Dr. A who lists the following as essentials on your

“EYE-must-do” list:

Visit the eye doc for checkups!

Wear UV sunglasses when outside (Because corneal damage... which leads to vision loss)

Clean your eyelashes daily especially after wearing makeup and wash your hands before touching your face (Because bacteria... which can cause diseases and immune deficiencies, and also, ain’t nobody got time for pink eye!)

Refrain from smoking and avoid smoky environments all together (Because smoking = inflammation in the body and the eyes!)

Wear safety goggles when working (Because chemicals... and other gross names we can't pronounce)

Get enough exercise and eat a healthy, balanced diet (Because everything is CONNECTED)

Drink plenty of H20 (Because NOBODY wants to be the dry eye guy)

Rest your eyes often when using electronic devices (Because your eyes need a break too)

BONUS TIP: Vitamin A, E, C, Zinc, Lutein, and Omega 3 Fatty acids are the top vitamins that are essential for healthy eyes!

Let's Get Physical!

Per Dr. A’s recommendations – it’s important to let your eyes REST. We were not meant to stare blankly at computer screens all day and if that’s you, you understand that digital eye strain can be very uncomfortable. Try the 20-20-20 rule. How it works: Every 20 minutes you look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds! Sometimes it also feels good just to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to reset. Maybe even a 10-minute power nap at your desk. Just be sure to set an alarm (not trying to get anyone fired!)

Add Acupuncture to Your Eye-tinerary

Not all clients suffer from severe eye ailments – plenty of Dr. A’s clients report more subtle but still annoying symptoms such as dry, itchy eyes. “This is usually related to not enough water intake, poor nutrition habits, allergies, and stress,” explained Anzola. “When I treat these symptoms, I use acupuncture points that are near the orbital bone, which supports the eye. I will also recommend herbal medicine that is customized for the patient’s needs.” The good news is – a round of treatment usually brings some fast and much needed relief! “Often, after the treatment is over my patients report more tears and less itchy sensations.” Dr. A also has some suggestions for combatting eye strain. “As a result – I might see patients with tired eyes, headaches/tension, and muscle spasms/ticks near the eyes. We use acupuncture to release tension in the muscles so that the eye muscles can relax while improving blood flow and circulation to the eyes and surrounding tissue.” EYE-Mazing!

A Little More S-eye-nce

Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine view the eyes as they relate to the internal organs. Acupuncture is beneficial for eye health because of the plethora of points that connect to the eyes. Each part of the eye is associated with a particular element and corresponding organ. The iris is represented by the liver. The heart relates to the corners of the eyes, and the upper and lower eyelids correspond to the spleen. The conjunctiva or white part is connected to the lung, and the pupil is tied to the kidney. “As practitioners, we can learn a lot about a person’s health by examining their eyes.”

With this knowledge, acupuncture can be used to treat some of the most well-known eye disorders such as retinitis pigmentosa (RP), glaucoma, and macular degeneration. “In some research done by acupuncturists - we have results which have shown measurable improvement in approximately 70-80 percent of all cases treated. Patients who have added acupuncture into their care for chronic eye conditions have been able to significantly reduce their reliance on drugs and corticosteroids eye drops,” highlighted Anzola.

If you find you have neglected your EYE-ssential organs (sorry - last pun) take the time NOW to show them some love and attention. After all, the eyes are the jewel of the body, and the most precious jewel you will ever own.



This month’s Acu-point: Ex-HN4

Location: The Yu Yao point is located at the midpoint of the eyebrow, right above the pupils of the eyes. Applying pressure to this point helps to soothe the eyes' redness, swelling, pain, superficial visual obstruction, and eyelid twitching.

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